Parsons Behle Lab

Parsons Behle Lab is a Law firm based in Salt Lake City. They had been developing a new form of automated law, and they wanted to share it with the world.


Imagine being able to create legal documents the same way TurboTax generates your tax forms.


Create a video explaining to customers the new and innovative services of Parson Behle Labs to customers.


This was a wonderful challenge. I am not a lawyer. So I had to put my law-hat on, and learn about the world of general counsel lawyers and how to explain these new services to them.

I met with the creators of the software, and gathered research on the services before writing it up into a script.

I then storyboarded and animated the video using After Effects.

PBL V3-01.png
PBL V3-03.png
PBL V3-05.png

Our challenge was to communicate a concept for which many people do not have a frame of reference. Chaz did amazing work creating an engaging animation that effectively communicates complex ideas in a short timeframe by skillfully combining visual and audio messages.

-Joe Rivest, Co-Founder & President of PBL