3 Reasons why every business needs an explainer video

Whether you're a startup looking to gather investors or a long-established enterprise, you need to tell a story. Customers purchase once from a company who sells a product, but people return and invest from companies who tells a story. You will learn 5 compelling reasons why every business needs an explainer video.

#1. Explainer videos are a great way to introduce a subject or concept in a succinct way.

You need an elevator pitch. You finally got a chance with your star investor, and they have given you 60 seconds to sell them on why they should invest in you. You crack your knuckles at the laptop and think... "how can I convince him in 60 seconds through an email?" That's where an explainer comes in.

Take this explainer video for example. Y Digital is a Utah based, student run digital marketing agency that runs full marketing campaigns from BYU campus. How does director Adam Durfee explain to potential clients that although the agency is full of students, they still achieve professional results?

This explainer video has brought in thousands of dollars to Y Digital because it explained succinctly the how, who, and what of this unique company.

#2. Explainer Videos on websites result in higher conversion rates.

Content that is visible on the opening window of your website is called "above the fold" content. This is the first thing your customers see when arriving at your website, and it is vital to have eye-catching content to hook your audience. Website visitors give you on average 8 seconds to capture their attention before they leave a page. Check out how this website and explainer video captures the attention with a simple video and obvious call to action.

Information is lost below "the fold", but luckily the eye catches on the interesting headline and explainer video. The longer your viewers are on your website, the longer they are considering using your services.

#3. Explainer videos tell your story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what story you tell with a motion picture. Videos convey authority, emotion, and knowledge in fast and easy ways. Explainer videos can have the power to make your audience feel something, to believe in something. You believe in your story, and you can feel it in your heart. Let a well-crafted video share that story for you, automatically.

Feel the passion and energy Via conveys in this explainer video for eCommerce stores.

If you haven't considered creating your own explainer video yet, then let this be your sign to acquire one today. I have several options to choose from and I'm confident there is a perfect fit for your story. Check out your options on my website here.

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