What to Expect When Working with Your Creative

What should you expect when working with a creative? What time frame is expected? How many meetings are expected? You don’t have all the time in the world, you may prefer to be as hands-off as possible. These questions are answered and more in this simple guide on what to expect when working with a creative for your bad-ass explainer video.

In this guide we’ll go over:

The Double Diamond Design Model

To help give you an idea of what to expect, follow this path for the creative process with your creative. The Double Diamond Design Model allows you to collaborate as efficiently as possible, uncover the most important insights into your problem, define and develop a working video, and deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Meeting 1/3: Discovery

First, you’ll meet with the creative to explain your company and objective. Where is your greatest pain? Are you struggling with your website traffic? Are customers visiting, but not acting on your next marketing step? Do you feel like there is a lack of understanding somewhere between you and your customers? These types of questions are answered during this initial meeting.

At the end of the meeting, you can expect to walk away with 5 clear objectives for your future explainer video.

Video Objective

To communicate [xyz] to [target audience] in order to achieve [desired results]

Target Audience

Clear Next Step

Desired Results

Definite Follow Up Meeting

balancing balls on a board
A balance between collaboration and delegation

When meeting with the creative, there is a fine balance between collaborating together and handing off so you can focus on more important tasks. Each project is a dance, unique to each person. You will find a satisfying mix of collaboration and automation that will push you, but also free you up. Generally, you will only have to meet 3 times; once in the beginning, again in the middle of the creative process, and a final time to give your approval at the end. Many businesses delegate a manager to meet weekly with the creative to check in on the video and approve designs and storyboards.

Gantt Chart blocks
Timeline: You can expect to meet 3x during the creative process

Meeting 2/3 : Define and Develop

During our first meeting, you discovered your chosen business problem and established your desired outcome. In your second meeting the creative will present to you a written script and an animatic (a rough animated storyboard of how the designs will look) that will define the areas to focus on. This is important because you will want to walk away from this meeting feeling understood, and that the video will have the desired outcome you’re looking for. Any further changes will throw off the production process, and delay your explainer video.

Explainer video script
You will walk away with 2 things: A script, and a storyboard

Meeting 3/3: Delight & Delivery!

After your second meeting, the creative will go and produce your explainer video. There is a lot that goes into the process of creating a custom explainer video for your business, but suffice to say magic happens. You are more than welcome to check in and ask for updates at any point in production, or request weekly updates. It depends on your preference.

Once production is complete, you will then meet for your third and final meeting. Here you will receive your final deliverable. The goal is to deliver to you something that is truly delightful and will delight your customers. Nothing can be more valuable than a truly personalized experience that answers problems your own customers face. You can give feedback and have 1-2 rounds of revisions depending on your contract. Ask the creative for help in any of these areas:

  • Ideas of where to place the video

  • How to upload it to YouTube

  • How to add it to your site

  • How to add it as a google search campaign on YouTube

Now that you know the process for creating your own explainer video, you are ready to create the perfect custom explainer video for your marketing needs. If you’re ready to boost your marketing, sign up for a free consultation with me here.

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