Source4 Studios

I have a squad. We love to make videos all the time. Our junior year of college we were ready to go pro. So for 3 weeks we met together to figure out how to form an LLC. We had big dreams. We came up with a name, I designed a logo, and then our young entrepreneur minds turned to funding.

Although this story ends in a tragedy, we had so much fun dreaming of creating our own production studio. I made a video to put on, but sadly we all got busy with getting married and getting hired, so Source4 Studios... was never fully born.


We need money! Create a video to build hype and get friends and family to contribute in our new production house!


We decided on the name Source4 Studios because it was a common production light we used a lot on set, and we had skills in all 4 major parts of production: pre-vis, producing, photography & lighting, and Post.

Color Options.png

First, I created a logo. We wanted colors that gave the impression we are creative, young, and vibrant. So went through various iterations until I decided upon the white, blue, and yellow here.

Full Logo_v1.png

I ended up taking a font that was close, and then modifying each letter to create a more tapered look for each of the letters.

We then decided we needed an icon for social media, business cards etc. I ended up settling on the one on the right.

Logo Options.png
S4 Icon Color.png

In the end, we made exactly one video all together before life blew us to the four corners of the earth. It won 2nd place for the 2018 48HR Film Competition at Brigham Young University. It was a magical time. A youthful time.