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Y Digital Agency is a unique Digital Marketing Agency in Utah, run by students at Brigham Young University, managed by professionals, and works with national clients.


The agency consists of 24-32 interns, and 4 paid semi-professional students. They are able to charge student-level marketing prices, while delivering professional level results.


Y Digital alumni graduate from the university, and are very prepared to enter the workforce, however they needed recruiters to know they existed. So I made this video.


I interviewed Adam Durfee, the director and did research on what recruiters would be interested in. I then wrote the script, storyboarded, and animated the video.


Chaz is one of the most innovative and eager-to-learn students I've ever worked with. From the day he told me he was interested in motion design, I've watched him practice, work and noticeably improve. It's incredible to me that each time I see him, he's learning something new. Each time I see something he's completed, it's better than anything he's done previously. If you want a motion designer committed to be the best and working at that goal each day, Chaz Gonzales is the guy who fits the bill.

-Adam Durfee, Managing Director of Y Digital Agency