Steven Smith, Director, DP, Writer

Chaz Gonzales, Director, Writer, Editor

Alexa Spiroff, Director, Art Director

Cera Pack, Copywriter, PA

Olivia Oldous, Art Director, PA

Yamaha Pianos

Sometimes words aren't enough to express how you feel. We found that Yamaha Pianos are preferred for young musicians who are learning to express themselves over higher end pianos like Steinways. So we decided to show how Yamaha is the champion of self-expression in a short film following Jaime, a clinically mute girl who overcomes the world through music.


Brand Yamaha as the go-to piano for young artists who are seeking self-expression.


Stevie and I wrote the story of young Jamie, and then enlisted the help of brilliant copywriter Cera Pack to help edit the script. We took our concept and with a limited budget we produced and edited the video in a month.

My Contribution

I co-directed on set, helped set up lighting, auditioned the actors, managed locations, assistant-edited and did the sound design for the project.